Review Requests:

I am currently NOT accepting review requests.

I will cheerfully accept review copies in any format: eARC (no PDFs please!), physical, or audiobooks. ARC reviews are done on a first come first serve basis, so if there is a time delay, I do apologize. I will usually let you know if I have a long (5+) TBR list.

I read Science Fiction, Fantasy, and some Non-Fiction if it pertains to SFF or just science in general. Within those genres, I enjoy books with creative and unique worldbuilding and morally questionable characters (bonus points if the story is told from the villain’s perspective). While I will still read the book, I don’t generally give books with gratuitous sexual violence high ratings (use The Grey Bastards as a reference point). I’m always on the lookout for book with PoC and LGBTQ+ rep, especially Asian/Asian American and/or Aro/Ace rep!

I review every book I read. My reviews are crossposted to Goodreads, Twitter, and Amazon, and will also be mentioned in my monthly wrap-up videos.

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