March 2022 | Wrap-Up

A little delayed because I got a bout of covid right at the end of March (don’t get covid, covid sucks). Lots of books this month, though a lot more mehs then I think I usually read in a month. Hopefully my April reads will be better. I’m experimenting with adding a section of highly anticipated books for the upcoming month (April). I like the idea of making dedicated Anticipated __ book lists but I never have the energy to format one together so this seems like a good compromise for me.

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February 2022 | Wrap-Up

Research deadlines have been picking up and I’ve been falling behind on my ARC reading schedules. I also binge-read a KU sociopath romance four book series at the recommendation of a friend so as usual, any claims I have of not having time to read are purely lies.

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January 2022 | Wrap-Up

It seems I’ve once again forgotten about the monthly wrap-ups, but I am back! New year new me, right? We’ll see. On a personal level, I’ve been busy adjusting to grad school. I had a proposal due mid-January so I was less active than I would have liked on the blogging side, but the pile of read yet un-reviewed ARCs is slowly piling up and my goal is to make a big dent in that this upcoming week. Though… with the Olympics finally underway and figure skating starting, we’ll see if I can hold myself to that.

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September 2021| Wrap-Up

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to write one of these. I recently moved to a new city and started grad school, so I’ve spent the last two months hauling my stuff cross-country and getting settled back down into the academic lifestyle. And also read some books along the way. I didn’t read much through August as I was packing and moving, so I’m just going to tack a couple of those books on in this “September” wrap-up.

You’ll also see I’ve added a DNF section this time! I’ve finally managed to get into the mindset that a bad book isn’t worth masochistically continuing in hopes it gets better. Granted, right now they’re almost all audiobooks, but hey. Slow steps.

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June 2021 | Wrap-Up

So I thought I’d gone pretty hard last month with 13 books…. oops I read 14 this month. Audiobooks are reaaaally carrying me here and there are just so many good books I missed the initial publication hype that I finally have time to read now! All of this is to say library digital lending systems are amazing and I’m so grateful mine has such a good collection.

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May 2021 + Asian Readathon | Wrap-Up

So May was supposed to be the ARC hell month, where I had exactly a week between reading an ARC and writing its review to not overwhelm myself with reviews. And uh…well. I think I overcompensated a little too hard? Because instead of reading at a pace of 1 book/week, I did about 3 books/week. I read 13 whole books in the month of May (and also 90% of audiobook that I ended up finished 1 June, but that’s okay, I’ll let that one go). Now my calendar has gone from, ‘omg I have to finish so many ARCs!!!’ to “wait, can I actually start making a dent in my TBR??”. An interesting place to be in, I assure you.

The month of May is also AAPI Heritage month, and to celebrate, I participated in the yearly Asian Readathon! My planned TBR is as follows:

  • Book by an Asian Author – The Tangleroot Palace: Stories by Marjorie Liu
  • Book With an Asian Protagonist – The Jasmine Throne by Tasha Suri
  • Favorite Genre by an Asian Author – Faraway Wanderers/天涯客 by Priest
  • Non-fiction by an Asian Author – Understanding Chinese Fantasy Genres: A primer for wuxia, xianxia, and xuanhuan by Jeremy Bai
  • Non-US Centric Book by an Asian Author – In the Watchful City by S Qiouyi Lu

Now, if you look below, you’ll actually notice that I ended up failing this readathon. For some reason, my brain just wasn’t in the mood for wuxia webnovels (sorry Priest)> I will finish Faraway Wanderers, I swear it. It just might take a while. That being said, the spirig of this readathon is to encourage people to read more books with Asian authors, and if you look below, 8/13 books I read this month were by Asian authors. So in my mind, I’m still going to call this a success ^^

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April 2021 | Wrap-Up

I’m keeping up pretty strong in April, but the crunch of ‘get art done for releases’ and ‘finish this massive pile of ARCs before publication’ has definitely started to hit. I’ve picked bullet journaling back up and I can feel my productivity increase by at least 10x. It feels nice to have a routine again. A pretty mixed bag of books this months, unlike the last couple. I suppose hot streaks can’t last forever. My first DNF this year too!

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March 2021 | Wrap-Up

March was a good reading month! 4 ebooks + 1 audiobook. Of course, this is all calm before the storm coming the end of April when I’ll have an ARC review scheduled one per week if I want to keep up with publishing dates…. I…maybe have been a little too gung-ho on NetGalley these past several months haha. Nevertheless, I have full faith in myself to keep up with such a tight schedule and not manage to burn out.

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