Hello, and thank you for visitingĀ A Cup of Cyanide. My name is Katie. I’m an mechanical engineering undergrad who loves Science Fiction and Fantasy. I run both this blog and a BookTube Channel, so my content is split between the two platforms. This blog hosts reviews of every book I read, Top 5 Wednesdays posts, and other musings I decide to do to written form. My Booktube has monthly wrap-up of books I read, the occasional video reviews, and other musings I decide to do in video form.

I’m one of those rare weirdos who genuinely enjoys an info-dump. I’m a plot over characters kind of person, but I do still enjoy a well-written character driven book. I’m especially interested in books with Asian/Asian-American and/or LGBTQ+(especially aro/ace) rep!

My favorite authors include Yoon Ha Lee, Seth Dickinson, and VE Schwab


Review Style:
I don’t consider myself a harsh reviewer. If I enjoy the book, I’ll give it a good review and rate it highly. As a rule, I don’t usually give 1 stars unless there was something exceptionally wrong with it or I DNFed it.

***** – (5) – I loved it! At the worst, it had minor flaws that I could easily look past.

**** – (4) – I enjoyed it. There may have been a part that I thought was lacking, but overall was good.

*** – (3) – It was okay at best. There were some major flaws that really hindered my ability to enjoy it.

** – (2) – I did not like it. There was something about it that I just couldn’t get over.

* – (1) – I absolutely hated it. 1 stars will be very few and in between.