T5W – Hyped 2019 Releases You Don’t Care About

so this list could have been all the generic sounding beauty and the beast but this retellings (or just fairy tale retellings in general) but I tried it make it a little more creative

4 Dead Queens by Astrid Scholte


i’m cheating a little with this one because I’ve already read it but all the advertising I see for it makes it seem like the NEXT BIG YA FANTASY and it’s just… not. Like seriously, it’s not. The characters are bland (though some are intentionally bland), the romance is contrived, and the worldbuilding was seriously just thrown together without any consideration towards logistics of how the damn country would actually function when you’ve got one tiny island producing food for an entire country without using electricity while the quadrant over is rocking maglevs and test tube babies. /endrant

The Cerulean by Amy Ewing


is this book even hyped? idk, but I’m throwing it on this list anyways because it turns out it’s really really hard for me to find ‘hyped’ releases that I feel apathetic about. I like books too much damnit. anyways, i’ve read some early reviews for this one and MC is the only straight girl in a utopia where all the women are sapphic and poly and apparently that’s a bad thing? also Evil Brown People^(TM). so unfortunate because the cover is super pretty

Kings of Scars by Leigh Bardugo


so this one isn’t so much that I don’t care about it, but more that I’ve only read one book set in the Grishaverse, didn’t like it, and the MC of Kings of Scars wasn’t even in that book. i’m sure eventually I will come around to reading Six of Crows and possibly this one, but for now it’s just another release.


okay I give up, this is way too hard. I’ve literally gone through 4 lists of SFF books released to-be published in 2019 and nothing stands out to me as something I REALLY wouldn’t like. I’m excited for authors when they publish books and I’m generally interested in things!

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