SBPT | Week 9 | Wrap-up & Recommedations

Hi everyone! After nine weeks, the Summer Blogging Promo Tour is coming to a close! It feels like just yesterday when I made my first post for this tour. Time really flies. Thank you so much to the hosts, The Book Bratz, for hosting this event. When I started, I was still incredibly new to the book blogging world (I’d made maybe 10 posts?). I’d never really interacted with other bloggers or done anything but use my blog to host my Goodreads reviews. Now, I’ve learned so much about the book blogging community and gotten an opportunity to interact with so many awesome bloggers.

I’d also like to thank my partners, Katie and Ashley from Lost in Pages, for being awesome partners this summer! I’m not going to lie, when I first found out who I was going to be partnered with, I was really intimidated because I was so new. Really, all the other bloggers of SBPT seemed so much more experienced and higher-profile than I was and I was worried I’d be thought of as an outsider. However, the two of them were incredibly kind and welcoming and really helped make me comfortable! While we tend to read very different books, I think we both had a really good time with this tour!

For this last post, we decided to each recommend three books! Since we have different tastes, it took me a while to pick out my three. However, I think I’ve picked three that I think they would both enjoy!

The Poppy War by RF Kuang


This is a book I actually guest reviewed on Katie and Ashley’s blog and I definitely think it’s worth a read. This book is admittedly very dark, but it’s written in a very captivating way. I didn’t always agree with the Rin’s decisions, her journey is fascinating.

Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson


Mistborn is one of Sanderson’s more YA works, with an awesome female protagonist and a really cool magic system. The worldbuilding and magic systems are really well done though neither is too complex that it bogs down the story. It also definitely has a very heist-y feel to it, though the main plot is more about overthrowing the evil overlord than a heist.

City of Lies by Sam Hawke


City of Lies was a book I read pretty recently and I absolutely loved. This book works as a really good primer for anyone interested in the Epic Fantasy genre without wanting to remember a hundred different characters and their children and memorize super in-depth world building. The majority of this book takes place in one city and alternates POV between one of the purest brother/sister duos I’ve ever read. It also manages to address some pretty relevant real-world topics in a really well-rounded manner.

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