T5W | Freebie | Auto-buy SFF Authors

T5W is a weekly book meme created by Lainey from Gingereadslainey and hosted by Sam from Thought On Tomes with a different bookish topic each week. You can check out the GoodReads group here.

Topic: Auto-buy SciFi/Fantasy Authors

This week’s topic is a freebie so I chose to do SFF Authors I Would Auto-Buy, which was an April 2018 topic.

1. VE Schwab

VE Schwab is the author of one of my all-time favorite books, Vicious. I also loved both her Darker Shades trilogy and The Monsters of Verity duology. While I haven’t read City of Ghosts or the Archived series, I’m sure I’d love those too. I’m so amazed by how creative her worldbuilding is and how villainous yet sympathetic some of her characters are.

2. Seth Dickinson

Yes I know Dickison only has two books out right now, but I’m in love with both of them and I can’t wait for more in the series. The Masquerade series has some of the best worldbuilding I’ve ever seen, with incredibly in-depth exploration of different cultures, linguistics, and social interactions none of which seem completely based ones that exist in the real world. The characters in his books are full of emotion and angst and it’s beautiful.

3. Yoon Ha Lee

The first book I’d read by Yoon Ha Lee was Conservation of Shadows, his collection of SFF short stories. Since then, I binged through the Ninefox Gambit series and I’m eagerly awaiting Dragon Pearl, his new book from Rick Riordan Presents. What I love about his writing his how effortlessly he mixes Korean mythology with common science fiction tropes and ideas. Ninefox Gambit, for example, isn’t necessarily based on Korean mythology in particular, but the Korean and Asian elements are there, clear as day.

4. Scott Lynch

The other author on this list that’s only written one series, but it’s a series I adore. Locke Lamora is a ridiculously charismatic character and I love reading all the heists he manages to pull off. This series was what originally got me into heist novels and I can’t believe I hadn’t read it sooner. Thorn of Emberlain, hurry up please!

5. Mark Lawrence

Mark Lawrence was the author that first got me into the grimdark genre. I read Prince of Thorns back in 11th grade, which, upon reflection, probably wasn’t the best age to read such a book. I think I mostly turned out fine though. More recently, I read Red Sister and I love how unique the world surrounding Red Sister was. There’s so much mystery and old forgotten knowledge just waiting to be uncovered and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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